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Why Digital Marketing


It gives an equal opportunity to small and medium businesses to compete with large corporations for and attract customers. This alone is one very important reason why your business needs a digital marketing strategy.


It costs $175 to send 1,000 pieces of direct mail. For the same amount, using social media channels you can reach almost 20,000 potential customers! On top of that, in social media you can really target your audience.


According to Localytics.com, 80% of consumers plan to purchase products or hire services on their mobile devices in 2014. You need a digital marketing strategy to get your digital piece of the cake.


People are naturally social and are more likely to interact with another person rather than a logo. Your digital channels -website, social media, etc.- allow you to connect with your customers in a very unique way.

Did you know?

When people research retail on their tablets:

Purchase on tablet 41%
Purchase in-store 33%
Purchase on laptop 32%
Purchase on smartphone 15%

But What Is Digital Marketing?

Put in simple words, digital marketing is nothing more than putting electronic technologies -PCs, smartphones, tablets, etc.- to work for a business in order to generate leads, keep customers engaged and create loyalty to a business brand.

Elements Of The Digital Marketing Mix

  • Email Marketing

  • SEO (search engine optimization)

  • PPC (pay per click)

  • Social Media

  • Mobile Apps

  • Online Advertising

  • Affiliate Marketing

  • Text Messaging (SMS)

  • Blogging, RSS Feeds And News Feeds

  • Content Marketing