SEO Services

As you probably know, people who search online do NOT scroll beyond the first page of results, and they will either find you or your competition.

Through our SEO services at sdM, we can help you be at the top of the results list, which increases the chances to be found by 50%.


We thought you’d ask that question, so here are 9 reasons that explain why your small business website does need SEO.*

  • Search engines (Google, Yahoo) influence up to 88% of purchase decisions.
  • 80% of internet users find businesses by typing specific words or phrases.
  • 75% of internet users do not look beyond page 1 of results.
  • Ranking high on the first results page can generate a high ROI into SEO.
  • 83% of people research online before purchasing a product or hiring a service. That’s why SEO is not an option in your digital marketing mix. It’s a must.
  • Google continuously changes the parameters for a website to be found. You need help to keep up with that.
  • Research shows that most traffic directed to websites comes from the result pages in search engines.
  • SEO increases sales but you SEO marketing cost stays the same, which results in better profit margins.
  • You’ve already invested on your website. Now it’s time to bring more traffic to it through SEO.

At Seamless Digital Marketing, we offer two options to help you reach your business goals:


We’ll sit with you and help you cut the learning curb by sharing all our knowledge in SEO in 45-minute sessions so you can apply it to the benefit of your business.


We’ll create an SEO plan for a month, a quarter or a year and will implement it for you. We will do all the heavy lifting while you do what you do best: keep your customers happy.