As you probably know, Social Media can be challenging for small businesses mainly because of two reasons:

» The learning curb is rather steep.

» It’s time consuming.

At Seamless Digital Marketing, we offer two options that will help you overcome your social media challenges:

» On Site Coaching

» Management Plans



How It Works

This option is great for those business owners or managers who are able to set aside 1 hour of their time -or one of your employees’. Twice a month, one of our specialists will meet with you, at your place of preference, and she/he will help you with the following aspects of social media.


A customized social media strategy that fits your business type and size


45-minute personal coaching with one of our social media specialists that will work around your schedule


We will guide you through the steps of optimizing and launching your social media campaign.


We’ll show you and train you to use the array of free tools available to help you achieve your marketing goals.


Learn how to interpret and manage the metrics of your social media campaign to optimize results.


You will never feel alone through the process of keeping your social media fresh and engaging for your customers.

How It Works

Not enough time to learn and keep up with social media but you know your business could attract more customers through it? We have a solution … For as low as $99/month, one of our specialists will manage your social media channels and will help you with the following.


We will write, post and keep your followers and customers engaged to generate leads.


We will do the heavy lifting by researching your competition and deciding on the best strategy for your business.


We will review and clean up the accounts of the channels you already have.


We’ll help you with the process of opening, optimizing and deciding what channels will work best for you.

8 Social Media Benefits

Reduce Marketing Costs

Think about it. What’s more affordable, mailing thousands of brochures or posting something to Facebook? Besides, the tools that some of the social media channels offer allow you to target your audience much more accurately.

Improve Search Results

Linking your social media channels to your website is a natural way to improve your search engine optimization. This will impact your organic organic search results, and both Google and Bing will be happy to bring you up in the results list.

Improve Customer Service

In the past, there was no affordable way to monitor what your customers were saying about your products or services. Through social media, you can communicate with your customers more effectively in real time and for free!

Voice Your Business’s Personality

It is true that your website is the perfect place to show your brand, but your social media channels let your customers see the human aspect behind the scenes, such as your staff, workplace, etc.

Make Business Connections

Connect with other businesses and professionals. From business partners to suppliers, social media opens doors to people who might otherwise be geographically or socially nearly impossible to reach in the real world.

Know Your Audience

Regardless of the type of business you run, the key to a successful marketing campaign is knowing your customers. Through social media, you can even ask specific questions such as what other features they would like to see in your product or service.

Find New Customers

One of the most powerful strategies in digital marketing is referral programs. With social media, you can reach people who didn’t even know your business existed or that you offered certain services or products. Referral programs can help you go viral.

Gain Competitive Advantage

Knowing your competition is key to your business’s success. By monitoring your competition’s social media channels you can get important market intelligence to, for example, offer or improve something your competitors are missing.